Ciara Joins Tyla’s “Water” Challenge With Her Baby Bump In Beautiful Video (Watch)

BY Edwin Lamptey November 7, 2023 8:45 AM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@ciara

After dethroning Rema and Selena Gomez’s Calm Down with her sensual Water song, South African singer, Tyla, continues to receive support for her viral song along with its dance challenge. 

As Chris Brown and a few other stars have already commended her talents, now Ciara, pregnant with her fourth child, has joined in on the fandom by making a video of the Water dance challenge.

The How We Roll singer effortlessly nailed the sultry dance moves to the Billboard 100 charting single in her bathroom.  She posted on her Instagram page: 

“Up here tryin’ to move like Tyla with this bump… somebody come get my phone.”

Ciara, with her growing baby bump, wore a plaid schoolgirl miniskirt, white tank, and furry boots. The fresh-faced mom of three and expecting mother smiled as she held her water bottle and ‘bounced that thang’ to Tyla’s banger. The Texas native also put a fuzzy, white towel on the pristine tile floor so she wouldn’t slip.

Fans and celebrities alike rushed to Cici’s Instagram to hail her on her rendition of the “Water” dance challenge. 

“And STILL EATING!! AYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!,” one person wrote.

Fitness guru Massy Arias commented, “Yasss! Get it, mama!”

“We Love it, Cici,” another fan wrote.

Some fans humorously commented that whinin’ her waist was why Ciara was pregnant for the fourth time. 

“Keep on… you gonna stay in your current state of with child!”, Sassy Jones shop owner penned. 


Tyla jumped into the comment section and put her stamp of approval on Ciara’s rendition of the “Water” dance challenge, writing, “Yesss Ma!!!

“@tyla ‘Water’ Such a vibe!!.. R&B MONEY,…Crazy !!! When it’s your time !!” South African rapper Cassper Nyovest commented.

The sexy single dropped over the summer in July. The South African singer’s infectious vocals over that hard-ass beat leveled up when Tyla added choreography to the banger.

Initially starting on TikTok and then going to Instagram, the “Water” dance challenge gained traction with the platforms’ users. Celebrities and fans alike tapped in for their renditions of the dance