Chris Brown Set To Drop Much-Anticipated “11:11” Album; Here’s All You Need To Know

BY Edwin Lamptey October 24, 2023 11:32 AM EDT

R&B giant, Chris Brown, has left his hardcore fans anticipating the release of his new album for the past few months.

The 34-year-old released a hit single Summer Too Hot in June, which has been performing well on the charts.

Chris Brown has revealed that his new LP will be titled 11:11, a name chosen as the album will be his 11th overall.

Aligning with the album’s title, the project will have 11 tracks due for release in November.  The album will feature his Summer Too Hot single as well as his collaboration with pop queen, Clara, on the How We Roll song.

Breezy’s 11th album is noted to be shorter than his previous albums which include Heartbreak on a Full Moon, Indigo, and Breezy.

These works of the R&B icon have a total running time of seven hours and 47 minutes with a total of 132 songs — when their respective deluxe editions are considered. 

The With You hitmaker took to his Instagram page and shared his excitement with fans who addressed the desire for a longer project. 

 “I see Some of my die hard fans wanting me to add more songs for the new project and I love y’all for that. But, I just feel I need you all to really miss me and take my art seriously. IM JUST focused on giving y’all the best to digest,” he wrote.

During an interview with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN on his almost 20-year career and why he continued to produce new music, Breezy said:

“I just never lost that hunger. I don’t care about the financial aspect. It’s a great plus to take care of my kids and family, but me getting up, I’m like, ‘This song made me feel like this, or I feel this way about this song.’ I see the impact that it has on certain fans. It doesn’t have to be the mainstream fans; it could be those core people that show up.”

Chris Brown’s last album, Breezy, released in June 2022 didn’t receive a lot of attention monetarily — and the singer himself was unexcited about the low numbers.

A new single by the Look At Me Now crooner is said to have hit the waves and right on time. The track, Sensational featured Davido and Lojay.

Breezy previously worked with Davido on the song Nobody Has To Know, last year.

In the weeks leading up to the release, Breezy posted on social media: “11:11. 22 songs A&B SIDES 11 am/11 pm,” and shared a picture of the album cover.

On August 17, the She Ain’t You star revealed the album’s title, 11:11, along with its release date for November 11, 2023, also stating that it would consist of 11 songs.

On September 29 the singer disclosed that the album was “complete”, sharing a possible black and white album cover.

On October 17, Brown unveiled the second single, Sensational, from the album, with a video where he performs a choreography for it with his dancing crew.

The video was directed by videographer, Child.

The Grammy award winner announced that the album would be a double disc consisting of two sides featuring 11 tracks each, with the first one being released at 11 a.m., and the second part at 11 p.m. on November 11.

Music lovers await the album’s release with a keen interest to know if the Side A and Side B presentation will function like Alicia Keys’ recent Keys album, which saw different versions of the same song reside on each side or rather a semi-creative means of putting 22 totally different songs onto the same project.

Chris Brown has collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign on his Motion (Remix), Fridayy’s Don’t Give It Away, Chlöe’s How Does It Feel and Vedo’s Do You Mind, all of which were released this year.