Afrobeats: DJ Neptune and Joeboy Captivate Fans With MuMu Video

BY JO Mensah October 18, 2023 6:39 AM EDT
DJ Neptune and Joeboy
Joeboy and DJ Neptune released the video of their Mumu single Photo source: Instagram/@joeboy, @djneptune

Afrobeats stars DJ Neptune and Joe Boy recently teamed up to create a beautiful love song, MuMu.

MuMu is a beautiful love song where Joeboy passionately professes his unwavering dedication to a special someone. Joeboy explores the profound depths of love and the extraordinary lengths he would go to please the object of his affection, even if it means appearing foolish. The word “mumu” itself, a colloquial Nigerian term, is used to describe someone who is deeply foolish.

The song’s lyrics beautifully convey the message of unbridled devotion and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make someone happy. This relatable theme is one of the reasons why Joe Boy’s music has become a favourite among Afrobeats lovers.

The two have finally released an equally stunning video for the musical masterpiece.

Video of DJ Neptune and Joeboy’s Afrobeats joint Mumu is simple yet captivating

The accompanying visuals for MuMu are simple, yet they manage to captivate the audience with their authenticity. The video portrays Joeboy in an intimate setting, conversing with a beautiful lady. It’s evident from the start that the lady holds a special place in his heart, and he doesn’t hold back in expressing his feelings.

The simplicity of the video works in its favour. It allows the viewer to focus on the emotions and interactions between the characters without unnecessary distractions. This simplicity effectively enhances the song’s emotional impact and sincerity.

Watch the video below:

A collaborative success for Joeboy and DJ Neptune

The collaboration between DJ Neptune and Joe Boy on “MuMu” exemplifies the magic that can happen when two talented entertainers come together. DJ Neptune’s skilful production provides the perfect backdrop for Joe Boy’s emotive vocals and the song’s touching lyrics.

Both the song and its visuals offer a refreshing break from the often extravagant and complex music productions we see today. “MuMu” demonstrates that sometimes, it’s the simplicity and sincerity of a song that can truly touch the heart.

Burna Boy features on Lil Durk’s All My Life Remix with J. Cole

Meanwhile, American rapper Lil Durk has finally released the remix of his award-winning hit All My Life. The remix features Nigerian star Burna Boy and American rapper J Cole as earlier announced. The track’s release has left fans ecstatic after listening to the musical masterpiece.

In this rendition, Lil Durk delves into his personal journey. He recounted the challenges he faced while growing up and his rise to the pinnacle of the music industry. With the skilful contributions of Burna Boy and J Cole, the trio painted a narrative of struggle and resilience in the face of life’s tribulation