Cedric The Entertainer Refutes Katt Williams’s Claims Of Joke Theft; This Is What He Said

BY Dora Dzaka January 4, 2024 6:13 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Antonio Henderson Davis and @Steven S Williams

Katt Williams has targeted Cedric following his claim that the latter stole one of his jokes from many years ago.

On January 3, Katt Williams appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay,” during which the comedian once again accused Cedric the Entertainer of stealing his best joke for the 2000 comedy special, “The Original Kings of Comedy.”

Williams made the initial public accusation during an episode of “The Morning Hustle” in 2021; however, Cedric refuted the joke theft allegation.

When Cedric was asked, “Did you steal Katt Williams’ joke?”, he replied: “That doesn’t line up.”

Why does it not line up? He believed that since he was just a little-known comedian, no one was going to find out, and so he thought he could take the joke.

Williams continued by stating that he had already told the joke twice on BET’s “ComicView.”

He went on, “It performed so well on BET’s ‘ComicView’ that they included it in the commercial. So, you saw me cracking this joke in the ‘Make sure you tune into BET’ commercial.” This is my greatest, last, and closing joke, so it’s not just a random joke.

Katt Williams continued, saying that two years later, he’s performing that joke verbatim as his final joke on “Kings of Comedy,” and that Cedric even congratulated him after seeing him perform it at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles back in 1998.

Williams went on to say that he had forgiven the actor from “The Soul Man” “for ten years” after his apology, but that anger had returned years later when the actor denied stealing the joke.

Williams even made fun of Cedric’s appearance as a “walrus” and criticized him for being an “entertainer” who is incapable of dancing or singing. He also made fun of him for his comedy specials, saying they were “so bad” that Tubi and Netflix didn’t even carry them.

Cedric first refuted these claims on Instagram in 2021, claiming that the space joke was his own. But when Cedric learned of Katt Williams’ accusations once more, he addressed the subject in The Shade Room’s comments section.

“Revisionist history, regardless of Katt’s opinion, my career can’t be reduced to the one joke Katt Williams claims is his. I have been in over 40 movies, and my specials and brand speak volumes about who I am. The people I have put on include ‘Katt in the Hat’.”

He then went on to say, “And all that tough talk! Is it corny that I’m a grown man, and none of that is going to go like you think? You do you, and I got this over here.”