Boosie Badazz Offers Free Wedding Performance After Witnessing Proposal During Flight

BY JO Mensah February 10, 2024 1:31 PM EDT
Boosie Badazz
Boosie Badazz Photo source: Instagram/@hestillalive

Rapper Boosie Badazz has generously offered to perform at a couple’s upcoming wedding for free after witnessing the man’s proposal during a recent flight.

In videos shared on his Instagram stories, the rapper excitedly cheered on a fellow passenger as he prepared to propose to his girlfriend after she exited one of the washrooms in the aeroplane.

“I’m coming to the wedding and performing! Put me on. I’m performing at your wedding. No charge, just take care of my flight,” Boosie told the man.

Boosie Badazz awed by the lady’s acceptance

When the surprised woman said yes amidst applause from passengers, an elated Boosie yelled “Ohhh, I got chills!” at the happy moment.

True to his word, the generous Baton Rouge rapper offered to perform at the couple’s future ceremony free of charge, asking only for airfare to be covered.

Rick Ross lookalike fools couple

In other news, a Rick Ross lookalike, known as Darceal Gates, got a woman thinking she had met the rapper.

In a video which went viral, the woman vacationing in the Mexican city of Cancun accidentally mistook Gates for the popular rapper, leading to a hilarious encounter.

The lookalike, also on holiday in Cancun, crossed paths with Hannah, a tourist from Wisconsin who was on vacation with her husband. Believing Gates was Rick Ross, known for hits like “Hustlin’,” she excitedly approached him.

Leaning into the case of mistaken identity, Gates channeled Ross by grunting and posing for pictures with the delighted fan. Gates documented the hilarious event on TikTok, where his video quickly went viral.