ASAP Rocky Opens Up On Why Shopping For Rihanna Is So “Easy” As Her Birthday Approaches

BY Edwin Lamptey February 3, 2024 6:49 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@asaprocky

As Rihanna’s birthday approaches, ASAP Rocky is confident he will find a perfect gift for her. 

TMZ caught up with the rapper earlier this week as he was out shopping in Beverly Hills. When asked if he has found something special for Rihanna, he responded by saying it is quite an easy task as he has good taste. 

A few days ago, the high-profile pair were spotted in Paris during Fashion Week, as they turned heads with their luxe looks. Rihanna made a statement with an unexpected leather number while ASAP rocked a black suit over a few playful layers.

In other news, reports say that ASAP Rocky may have responded to Drake on Kid Cudi’s new album, Insano

Drake’s fans are convinced that he initially took shots at the New York rapper and his partner on his 2023 project For All The Dogs.

Insano’s track, Wow, lets off the following bars, which many interpreted as a dig towards Rocky. “These n***as can’t stomach me, gotta go get a mandrake.”

A mandrake is a Mediterranean root commonly used to treat stomach issues, and this may be a reference to Drake’s alleged diss against the 35-year-old and their overlapping romantic interest.

Again, Drake had seemingly taken shots at his former flame, Rihanna. “Why they make it sound like I’m still hung up on you?” Drake croons on the song. “That could never be, gyal can’t run me, better him than me, better it’s not me. I’m anti, I’m anti, yeah, and the sex was average with you. Yeah, I’m anti ’cause I had it with you, okay, I’m auntie like your daddy’s sister, auntie like a family picture. And I had way badder b***hes than you, TBH. Yeah, that man, he still with you, he can’t leave you, y’all go on vacation, I bet it’s Antigua.”

Information available however suggests that Drake and ASAP Rocky have had a pretty solid relationship in the past, so it is speculative since they haven’t given fans any real reason to think there’s some beef brewing.