Lil Nas X, Missy Elliot And 4 Other Celebs With The Best Wax Figures At Madame Tussauds

BY Dora Abena Dzaka February 3, 2024 3:14 PM EDT

One of the most exclusive and sought-after awards, and accolades available to celebrities in the entertainment industry today is the Madame Tussauds wax figure.

Some of the greatest performers in their respective fields have been honored with life-sized wax figure feature-accurate immortalization at the Madame Tussauds Museum in Las Vegas, Hollywood, and London.

Here are the best celebrity wax figures yet.


After Drake’s September 2021 show in London, the Canadian rapper’s attire from that unique event was recreated by Madame Tussauds as a tribute to that evening. From his bright green puffer jacket, white Nike Air Force 1s, and a camouflage shirt and jeans, all the minute details were captured. 

The wax figure features his ear piercings and tattoos. Furthermore, the heart that is shaved into his hairline and his trademark facial hair, alluding to his Certified Lover Boy period was also remade.

Lil Nas X

Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood presented a flawless, wax figure of rapper Lil Nas X in September 2022.  The wax figure sports a duplicate of the gold Versace armor costume, complete with Versace earrings, a choker, and nail art, that Nas wore to the 2021 Met Gala.

The most detailed feature of the life-size sculpture of the Old Town Road singer is a re-creation of his diamond grill, which makes it the first wax figure ever created by Madame Tussauds to do so.

Nipsey Hussle

Wax figures of the late rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle were made in 2022 by Mr. Officials (@mr.officials.llc). An Instagram video that documented the procedure ran for nine months until the works were completed.  

The wax figure also features precise copies of Nipsey’s trademark jewelry and tattoos. This is not a part of Madame Tussaud’s collection and is purportedly the only wax figure of Nipsey Hussle. It did, however, make its debut at Cleveland, Ohio’s South Park Mall.

Tiffany Haddish

In September 2021, Tiffany Haddish visited Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas establishment and met her wax statue. The figure is dressed in the notorious Alexander McQueen gown that Haddish frequently wore – these included her appearance on Saturday Night Live, the 90th Academy Awards, and the red carpet launch of her film Girls Trip. For Haddish, the ensemble represents her defiance of the convention of never wearing the same dress twice.

Jack Harlow

July 2023 saw the immortalization of Jack Harlow at Madame Tussauds’s Las Vegas branch. The What’s Poppin singer was astounded by how similar his wax figure was. It is dressed in a special suit from his Churchill Downs music video, which features Drake. In addition, a crystalline necklace featuring a pendant in the shape of the state of Kentucky is draped over the hands of his wax figure.

Missy Elliott

A replica of Missy Elliott’s iconic performance at the 2019 VMAs is one to behold. To get Elliott’s exact features, twenty artists examined about 200 measurements and photos of the model.

 Her figure’s accessories and clothing are creatively tailored, and the end effect makes it difficult to distinguish between the two. The figure is dressed in one of her famous tracksuits, which have detailed hand embroidery.

Missy Elliott’s wax figure made its debut on November 4, 2022, and is a part of Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas’ collection