2024 Grammys: Travis Scott Receives Backlash For Performance Following Astroworld Tragedy And Ongoing Lawsuits

BY Edwin Lamptey February 5, 2024 5:06 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@travisscott

Fans did not take kindly to Travis Scott’s performance at the 2024 Grammys and called for his exit from the stage. 

Viewers were dumbfounded when the musician began his performance, considering the tragedy that occurred at the Astroworld event in 2021.

As reported by OK!, 10 fans lost their lives at the event and many are convinced he didn’t do enough to help those who were injured in the stampede. 

“Travis Scott should not be allowed to perform,” one person wrote on social media, while another asked, “Why the f— is Travis Scott on my screen and not in prison #GRAMMYs?”

A third social media user opined that fans couldn’t care less about Scott, while another argued that his performance shows disrespect to those who lost their lives in the incident. 

In November 2021, Travis Scott reportedly continued to perform at a concert in his hometown, Houston, TX, as some fans yelled for help and asked him to stop performing.  It is alleged that he could also be heard telling his fans to “get wild” and “crazy”, as EMTs assisted people present to escape the chaos. 

Scott thereafter took a brief break from the spotlight and didn’t open up about it until November 2023. According to him, he was very devastated and was constantly thinking about it. He added that his fans are literally his family and he loves them a lot.

Travis Scott further revealed that the incident inspired some of his newer songs; he admitted that it felt real to him as he put together the lyrics for most of his songs released after the incident. 

Reports show that the Houston Chief of Police revealed that he warned Travis Scott of the dangers of the large-scale event before the show.

According to a report from the New York Times, Chief of Police, Troy Finner, paid a visit to the 30-year-old rapper in his trailer before the Friday, November 5, concert. The law enforcement officer expressed concerns to Scott about the energy in the crowd and that people in attendance that day were “very devoted fans.”