Walk Away: Four Well-Rated Melodies On Labianca’s New Extended Play

BY Nii Ogbamey Tetteh December 22, 2023 9:09 PM EDT
Source: Instagram.com/@iamlibianca

Cameroonian Afro-Soul musician Labianca has delivered her debut extended play (EP), which has already amassed over four million streams on Audiomack.

Last month, she spoke about the project titled Walk Away — a compilation of tunes revolving around love, heartbreak, pain, and progression.

Announcing the project in November, she said would talk about stuff she had been “hiding” from herself. “I write what I write because we don’t like to talk about these things,” she stated.

True to her words, the new Afrobeats releases have turned out perfect, with interesting storylines and fine collaborations with artistes like Oxlade and Blaqbonez. Here are some top four selections off the six-track EP you may want to listen to.

1. In a Way

Syncing her voice well with the acoustic guitar and a low-tempo beat, this tune seems to be a reflection of a failed love relationship. Although that affair might have ended, she expresses gratitude for the “lesson” learnt.

“You don’t exist anymore; you must as well be dead, my love, because now I don’t see you on a daily, you are now just a memory. Thank God for the lesson, anyway you were a blessing,” she sang in the opening verse.

It’s not clear if the composition is about her own love life, but all the same, it is a good rendition to keep listeners company on any day.

2. Angeldemon

This love-themed melody has Labianca sing praises to her “baby” who makes her forget about her “troubles.”

“I’m on a vacation and I feel alive when I am holding his body…There is no limit to what he can do,” she says. But there is a caveat to the eulogies. Despite the perfection, she describes her love as an angeldemon — pointing more or less to an abusive relationship.

“I cuddle with a demon in my bed. When morning comes, my angel reappears and says “Good morning, my darling, ” and touches me softly, but I know the moon will soon be here,” she sings in the chorus.

Labinaca whose “People” hit song was inspired by her personal experiences and a rare mood disorder known as cyclothymia, may be pointing to another worrying episode in her life with the song Angeldemon.

And if this new song is about her own life, perhaps she will provide further details about her “angeldemon” sometime in the future.

3. Jah

In another well-rated rhythm, Labianca sings about trusting Jah (God) instead of mankind. She says she has all she needs in God, which man cannot provide.

Performing solo, this melody sounds like a thanksgiving song, easy to listen to as the singer projects her lucid and warm vocals on the 2min:27secs track.

4. W.O.M.S (Weight On My Shoulder)

Featuring Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez and Ghanaian-American singer Moliy, this tune has a touch of Hip-Hop and afrobeats, considering the background of the guest artistes. All three singers did justice to the slow jam, which made the listeners stamp their feet or nod their heads.

In all, Walk Away is a thoughtful and admirable production, thanks to the singers and producers on the project.  

Labianca, in this new masterpiece, did not switch from the smooth style she has become known for in many of her songs. The high stream figures recorded so far are a testament to a massive endorsement of the EP, released on December 8, 2023.