Video: Alleged Ex-Assistant Of Kevin Hart Makes Shocking Claims About Actor’s Extramarital Affairs, Gambling (Watch)

BY Dora Abena Dzaka December 29, 2023 8:03 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Minas Vídeo Locadora and @Tasha K

Miesha, an alleged ex-assistant of Kevin Hart, has caused pandemonium as she spoke with Tasha K in a shocking interview on “The Neighborhood Talk.”

The purported former assistant of Hart went so far as to show the Instagram account of a model, whom she claimed to have informed Hart’s wife about an extramarital affair with the popular actor.

Miesha claimed that Hart was a serial adulterer – suggesting that Hart had impregnated a regular steward aboard his private aircraft.

The shocking allegations didn’t stop there as Miesha also said that Kevin considered “poker his game” and that he suffered from a serious gambling addiction. She claimed that Hart’s situation got so bad at one point that he had to burn through his payroll and give his different employees half-checks. Even though Miesha’s remarks were provocative, it’s too soon to tell if her claims are true.

Kevin Hart has had an incredible year, despite the unsubstantiated rumors from his former assistant.

The past week has been interesting for Kevin as he sustained injuries while trying to run the 40-yard dash against a former NFL player.

Hart, however, became extremely explicit about how damaged his body was in the days following the announcement of his injury. Talking about what was going on below the belt was part of this, even though no one had asked.

“It’s f-cking bad. My d-ck looks like a thumb. Everything’s swollen,” Hart lamented in a video posted soon after he initially showed that he was in a wheelchair. Additionally, the comedian said that his “balls got big as hell” and that he was still currently unable to move his legs. Furthermore, he spoke about the state the injury had left him in. “Look at this shit,” he continued. “You know how long it takes me to get the fuck out of the car? I’m a mess.”

This isn’t the first time an assistant has come out to drop such a bombshell.

Naomi Campbell’s former personal assistant Rebecca White told the New York Post that the Brit supermodel demanded 25 lily-scented candles be placed in specific spots in every hotel she stays.

Jennifer O’Neill, Lady Gaga’s former assistant also testified in a lawsuit against the singer and sued the music star for $390,000 in unpaid overtime.