Torrei Hart Indicates That Marriage To Kevin Hart Stalled Her Comedy Career; Thanks Katt Williams For Putting Her On Stages

BY Dora Abena Dzaka January 17, 2024 12:01 AM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @MyFam Productions

The ex-wife of Kevin Hart, Torrei, has declared that she will travel with Katt Williams on his Dark Matter Tour. Torrei announced the news to her Instagram followers on Monday, January 8. 

Two images and a clip from Katt’s widely shared Club Shay Shay interview were included in the post. Torrei was pictured with Williams alongside an advertisement for the forthcoming tour.

Katt informs Shannon Sharpe on the third slide that “he only puts on comedians that are funnier” than him.

 Kevin Hart’s ex-wife has always had faith in her comic abilities because she used to be credited with “molding” her ex-husband’s comedic abilities. But because she was married to Kevin, her comedic career had to be sacrificed.

Not only did Torrei and Kevin have an eight-year marriage, but according to her bio on Comedy Wives, she is also credited with helping him succeed in his career.

Less than a week had passed since Williams had rekindled the long-running feud between her and Kevin Hart on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast by making fun of and criticizing the Lift actor. Williams implied in the podcast episode that Kevin Hart was a product of the industry and didn’t have to work hard to rise to the top.

Torrei recalled growing up in a household with parents who played comedy sets from the likes of Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. She attended Kevin’s first comedy show, and because he got a standing ovation he viewed her as his “good luck charm.” She said from there she began going to other comedy shows with him, “studying” and showing support.

She got her start as a comedienne much later after moving to Los Angeles and performing her first show at Ha Ha Comedy Club. As the mother of two began to establish her name and identity, she said she gained attention and recognition from comedy vets like Earthquake and Martin Lawrence, who took a chance on helping her further her career.

Many of the originals are like, ‘Okay, we f–k with Torrei, tough.'” We are aware of her humor. “True ones know that’s why I gave Katt Williams a shoutout for putting me on down to perform in front of 30,000 people at Microsoft,” she continued. He knows me, you know that.

Torrei Hart’s decision to accompany Williams on tour doesn’t seem to bother Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart stated, “I want everybody to win,” in response to TMZ’s question regarding his thoughts on his ex-wife joining Williams on tour. I’m hoping the tour goes well.