Tiwa Savage Speaks About Growth of Afrobeats; Recounts Her Performance At King Charles’ Coronation

BY Nii Ogbamey Tetteh October 29, 2023 6:55 PM EDT
Source: Instagram.com/@tiwasavage

Afrobeats diva, Tiwa Savage, has described the growth of Afrobeats and her contribution to the music industry as a blessing.

The 43-year-old composer is “inspired” to see Afrobeats artistes achieving billions of streams in recent times, which she said was “impossible” ten years ago.

Speaking on Billboard News, she further expressed satisfaction about including African Music in award categories such as the Grammy’s, saying she wants the fast-growing genre to remain competitive with music genres across the globe.

“I think it great that we are being recognized…I still want Afrobeats to be popular music so I don’t want it to be like a niche genre. I still want it to be competing with RnB, Hip-hop, Country Music,” she stated.

Having been a backing vocalist for singers including Mary J Blige and Beyoncé prior to her own career taking off, The Keys To The Kingdom singer said it was “great” being in the background as it afforded her the opportunity to appreciate the dynamics of becoming a performer.

“I was able to learn from just being in the background to watch how they perform on a bad day and even when they don’t feel like mounting the stage. I was able to shadow them and be prepared for when my time was up,” the My Darling singer noted.

With some R&B influences in her song, Tiwa added that she was “taking a step” towards R&B, although she won’t forget her African roots.

“I have been wanting to do it for so long; I have dabbled in it in a couple of my songs…right now, I am going full RnB. I am not going to forget my African roots, but I am going to take the risk even if it is ten people that stream it,” the singer stated.

Asked about her appearances on stage, the intriguing personality acknowledged the “privilege” of performing at some top events this year including King Charles II’s coronation, where she admitted being “nervous” from the onset.

“Just before I stepped on stage, I was like I am representing Africa and African women and it was so important for me…I knew it was a very important moment and that just changed everything for me…and I went out there and I’m like I am going to kill this.”

Tiwa, who performed songs including Keys to the Kingdom at the King’s coronation concert stated that she composed the melody to celebrate her son and men because she “felt there were already lots of songs out there “bashing the black man.”

She thought it was “a positive step in the right direction” to show up at the Kings’ coronation, despite some backlash that followed afterward.

“I knew I was going to deliver a great performance so you can say everything you want and I know you cannot criticize the performance, I wanted to perform and make every other person watching to feel included,” she stated.