Thinking Aloud on ‘Good Vibes’ — Did Ghanaian Dancehall Artiste Samini Nail it?

BY Nii Ogbamey Tetteh October 15, 2023 9:57 AM EDT
Source: @samini_dagaati

Ghanaian Reggae Dancehall Artiste, Samini, released his much-anticipated single Good Vibes on Friday, October 10, 2023, which is already getting some fans off their feet.

However, others are beginning to wonder if the song ticks all the boxes of a good musical composition.

A snippet of the song, circulating on social media before the official release, was described as a “reaffirmation of Samini’s dedication to crafting exceptional music.”

Good Vibes has a touch of Amapiano rhythm, but some critics believe the My Own hitmaker could have produced a more absolute tune just as he did with several songs on the ‘Untamed Album’.

The new single is indeed cheerful and foot-tapping to an extent, but it does not entirely come with the ‘good vibes’ for which it was hyped in the previous weeks.

Some followers are doing well in promoting the song, but a handful of critics believe the singer, known in real life as Emmanuel Andrews Samini, could have stuck to his “conscious tunes” such as Obra, Master Key featuring Kidi, Obaa, and Celebration featuring Shata Wale.

It appeared the singer wanted to ‘experiment’ with the trending Afrobeats and Amapiono genres but just as one follower puts it: Samini’s return to the music scene should have been “more traditional.”

In other words, Samini is known for his story-telling approach in many of his compositions, but a similar approach seems to have been lost in the Good Vibes tune, which merely praises a woman and speaks about some of her qualities in the chorus.

Comparing the beat of the latest release to My Own, some music lovers believe My Own went viral in a matter of days due to its catchy instrumentation and soothing lyrics. However, these same features are somewhat missing in the creation of Good Vibes.

In spite of the lows of the song, Good Vibes is generally hailed by staunch followers of the multi-talented composer. But did the musician live up to ‘expectation’ on the record expected to announce his return to the studio?  

Perhaps it is still early days yet to determine whether Samini was in a haste to release a single just to make a statement, or whether the track will live up to the hype and win awards in the future.