Taylor Swift Joins Jay-Z, Rihanna In ‘Billionaires Club’: A Look Into Her Riches

BY JO Mensah November 8, 2023 8:07 AM EDT
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Photo source: Instagram/@taylorswift

Famous American singer Taylor Swift recently reached an incredible milestone in her career.

She was named as a billionaire joining the likes of Jay-Z and Rihanna as some of the few recording artists with such status.

According to Bloomberg, the 1989-born singer had reached the billion mark, thanks to the immense success of her Eras Tour.

The Eras Tour, a series of musical concerts that span numerous cities, has not only broken records but also generated massive revenue. Bloomberg’s report compared the tour’s impact to the Super Bowl and its revenue to the GDP of some small countries.

Breakdown of Taylor Swift’s $1bn wealth

Vanity Fair reported that based on calculations, Swift has generated $400 million in music releases, $370 million in tour ticket and merchandise sales, $120 million via Spotify and YouTube streams of her work, and $80 million in royalties since 2019.

Adding the $970 million to the $100 million estimated worth of her five properties, Swift crosses into the billion mark easily.

It’s an exceptional feat

What is impressive the most about Taylor Swift’s feat? It is the fact that she is one of the very few entertainers to achieve billionaire status solely through music and performances.

This, she has achieved through her ability to adapt and innovate. In addition to her music and tours, she has successfully ventured into acting, starring in the movie version of one of her albums. This has led to significant success at the box office, further contributing to her growing fortune.

Swift’s achievements do not stop there. Her decision to re-record her nine-year-old album, 1989, has sent ripples of excitement throughout the music industry. Music enthusiasts and fans are eagerly anticipating this new version, which is expected to be one of the best-selling records of the year. This move showcases her knack for reviving her own work and keeping it relevant, which has undoubtedly contributed to her billionaire status.

Beyonce, others attend Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour

Earlier, Afrobeats+ reported that Taylor Swift was grabbing all the headlines with her The Eras Tour.

The film premiere held in Los Angeles saw attendance from diva, Beyonce, actor Adam Sandler and Racheal Zegler.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour had already made $100 million in advance ticket sales breaking Justin Bieber’s 2011 record of $99 million for his concert-themed film, Never Say Never.

The concert which is yet to hit cinemas was viewed for the first time Wednesday by teeming fans were received invitation-only tickets for the show on its opening night.