Snoop Dogg Got Over 1Bn Spotify Streams But Made Less Than $45k: See His Reaction

BY JO Mensah December 17, 2023 8:43 PM EDT
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg Photo source: Instsgram/@snoopdogg

Snoop Dogg has lamented over the revenue he received from his Spotify streams.

The iconic American rapper didn’t hold back when discussing the inadequacies of the current streaming landscape. The rap legend who is often known for his laid-back demeanor, voiced his frustration over the paltry compensation artists receive for their streaming success.

During the panel discussion, Snoop Dogg raised a thought provoking question that echoed the sentiments of many artists: “How can an artist amass a billion streams and still fall short of making a million dollars?3” A thought provoking inquiry, especially considering the prevalence of streaming platforms in the contemporary music industry.

According to Business Insider artists earn a mere fraction, ranging from .0033 to .0050 per stream on popular platforms like Spotify. To put this into perspective, an artist would need to achieve a staggering 200 billion streams to pocket a million dollars. The numbers, as Snoop Dogg aptly put it, simply don’t add up.

Drawing from his own experience, the rap icon revealed that despite amassing over a billion streams on Spotify, his earnings amounted to less than $45,000. This revelation not only shows the challenges faced by artists but also highlights a huge disparity between streaming success and financial reward.

Snoop Dogg didn’t shy away from articulating the prevalent sentiment among artists—the disconnect between the massive numbers generated by streams and the meager financial returns.

He compared to the ongoing TV writers’ strike, where professionals are rallying for compensation that aligns with the value of their creative contributions.