Shoki, Shaku-Shaku and 3 Other Viral Dance Routines That Are Products of Afrobeats

BY Dora Abena Dzaka October 6, 2023 4:32 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Kafayat Shafau-Ameh,

When it comes to dance, no other continent has as much to offer as the diverse and culturally rich continent of Africa owing to the energetic sounds that characterize the sound of music of its people.

A major component of African culture and expression has always been dance. It captures the soul of Africa, with all of its vivacious vitality and rhythmic musicality. African dance videos have racked up millions of views recently on YouTube and other social media platforms.

The cultures of the 54 African countries can be divided into three distinct groups: ritual, ceremonial, and griotic, or storytelling. Despite being divided into three groups, the dance forms have common characteristics that are fundamental to what makes them unique. Africa’s dance forms are complex, proficient, and sophisticated. The African spirit is captured in their use of physicality and aesthetics.

The world over, people will continue to be fascinated by African dance forms. Popular dance clips demonstrate how African dance can still entertain while inspiring spiritual connections and telling stories of hope. It will not be surprising to see a lot more dance trends on the likes of Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram bearing the current trajectory in mind.

Here are some of the most popular Afrobeats dance moves around the globe right now.

Azonto Dance

Azonto dance has a lengthy history and can be traced back to Ghana. The Ga ethnic group in Ghana is credited with creating this African dancing form. The song U Go Kill Me by Sakordie brought the dance into the limelight in 2011. It gained more notoriety thanks to Ghanaian Afrobeats sensation Tiffany’s appearance in British-Ghanaian Fuse ODG’s song, Azonto. Due to its versatility, this dance technique fits a variety of musical styles.

Gwara Gwara Dance

The South African hit song Ofana Nawe by DJ Bongz is the source of the Gwara Gwara dance. The dance move is one of the well-known ones in the US and UK after crossing international borders. Today, there are a large number of Gwara Gwara dance tutorials on YouTube. Therefore, there is no excuse for you not to study this solid dance move. You may misstep on the first, second, third, or fourth try but as soon as you master Gwara Gwara, it can almost take over your spirit.

Odi Dance

The following artistes: Timeless Noel, Jabidii, and Hype Ochi are frequently credited with creating the Kenyan dance known as the Odi. The local slang “Odi” stands for “ordinary”. Young people have shown the highest interest in the dance. It won’t take you long to develop a passion for this African dance form because it is contagious.

Shoki Dance

This is one of the African dance forms that will have you bouncing. It is speculated that Nigerian musicians, Orezi and Lil Kesh, invented the Shoki dance. The dance consists of diving low and rising while moving the hands in time with the music.


Most African dance styles have their origins in Nigeria. The Shaku-Shaku dance is a Nigerian street dance. Nigerian act, Olamide, popularized the dance form with his song “Wo,” and soon after, YouTube was flooded with recordings of musicians performing the Shaku Shaku dance. It is practically a standard dance move but it is considered a serious challenge outside the continent.

Majority of artistes support their hit songs with a dance move so as to keep the trends in their favor. TikTok and YouTube channels are awash with many of these dance videos if you would be interested to take some lessons.