Settling GOAT Debate Between Kendrick Lamar And J. Cole – Busta Rhymes Put On The Spot

BY Edwin Lamptey December 11, 2023 10:35 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@realcolelyrics, @bustarhymes, @kendricklamarbible

Busta Rhymes has shared his list when it comes to the greatest rappers of all time. According to the rapper, he believes Nas, Eminem, Rakim, and himself ought to be regarded as among the best rappers in the world. 

He was however torn between Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, as he tried to round up his favourites. 

As part of an appearance on Amazon Music’s +44 Podcast, he explained that Cole releasing more music than Kendrick keeps him in the race. 

“Greatest rapper ever? I don’t think I have one,” Busta said. “I could say five. Rakim. Some might disagree with me but Nas. I would say, Eminem. I’m starting to feel like some new guys are starting to go into that list. I’m almost there with J. Cole but I’m still torn between him and Kendrick. I’m talking about only bars! If Kendrick was to get active in the same way that Cole is being active, it would be a way different conversation but again, I’m torn between Cole and Kendrick, but it would be one of them two.”

Busta Rhymes went ahead to say: “I still didn’t put none of them two in the fourth place. I was just saying that it was gonna be a new guy cause they are really starting to earn their right to passage and to be in the top 5 greatest of all time to me. I would definitely say Jay-Z. I’m Biggie-biased. I’m Biggie biased because I think what he has done between two albums everybody obviously had an opportunity to work way longer than him and they still can’t top what he has done in two albums. I think that’s my list.” 

Reports available show that J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar have been competing for their place amongst the best rappers in the game for several years now. There have even been discussions about a collaborative album between the two artistes, even though it is yet to be done.