Sarkodie Debuts On Billboard Afrobeats Chart With “Otan”

BY Nii Ogbamey Tetteh December 21, 2023 4:44 AM EDT

Trending single Otan (hatred), released by Ghanaian top star Sarkodie, has reached No. 32 on the US Afrobeats Chart.

The song, released barely a week ago, has over two million streams on Audiomack alone. It has gained positive reviews for its perfect composition and punchlines used by the award-winning rapper and singer.

It has been the No. 1 trending song on YouTube in Ghana, with the lyrics of the audio recording over one million streams on the platform.

Sarkodie has over the years produced records that resonate with audiences worldwide right from the days of Azonto to the now globally accepted Afrobeats genre.

Otan is described as a testament to Sarkodie’s exceptionality and his ability to push the boundaries of Ghanaian hip-hop.

The song is more or less an invocation, as the singer prays to God to let angels protect him from the hatred of enemies.

“I’ve been fighting this battle with demons inside of me. I want to stay in my lane so nobody can bother me…I’m on a thousand but they want to take me to zero. Realest guy, only God is my hero,” he sang in the opening verses.

The chorus of the song has been on the lips of many fans as Sarkodie unleashes deep rap lines on the low-tempo beat.

The track is a blend of contemporary hip-hop and traditional Ghanaian sounds and adds to the singer’s numerous discography.

Otan is more or less a personal reflection and commentary by the singer and provides listeners with in-depth subjects to ponder over.

Before this new single, the singer teamed up with Nigeria singer Ruger on the song titled Till  We Die,” which has also gained some good traction online.