Possible Prosecution Looms As Police Investigate Michael B. Jordan’s Car Crash Following New Video

BY Edwin Lamptey December 18, 2023 3:24 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/michaelbjordan

Following the release of a video showing a Ferrari racing another car, the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a car crash involving “Creed III” star, Michael B. Jordan.

The car crash reportedly occurred earlier in December and was allegedly a result of Jordan’s Ferrari colliding with a parked car in Hollywood. 

Per a report by TMZ, the authorities intend to establish whether Jordan was the one behind the wheel of the sports car during the incident.  

If it is therefore established by the authorities that Jordan was involved in the crash, his criminal culpability may lead to charges by prosecutors

In the video, two Ferraris, one red and the other blue are seen engaging in what appears to be a race on Sunset Boulevard, and this was determined on the same night the actor was involved in the crash. 

The sports car initially swerved left, and then sharply to the right, leading to a collision with a parked Kia car. Accompanying the video on Instagram is the caption, “Michael B. Jordan crashing out in Hollywood racing another Ferrari.”

The driver of the red Ferrari, Tenshi Angel, shared his account of the events leading up to the crash with the Entertainment Tonight program. He mentioned that he and the driver of the blue Ferrari were initially “pacing” each other a couple of blocks away before engaging in some engine revving and acceleration, leading to the incident.

Initial reports indicated that there were no signs of foul play or DUI when officials arrived at the crash scene. A field sobriety test was not administered to the “Fruitvale Station” star, and no arrests were made. TMZ obtained photos revealing extensive damage to both vehicles, with the right fender and a tire of Jordan’s blue Ferrari significantly affected, while the left side of the Kia sustained dents and metal scraps.

Despite damage caused to both vehicles, Jordan didn’t provide the police with information about the circumstances under which the crash occurred. Neither driver appeared to be injured in the aftermath of the incident.