Outrage Erupts As Howard University Senior Denounces Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

BY Dora Abena Dzaka June 11, 2024 3:05 AM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Delta Sigma Theta Sorority inc and Zora Sanders Tiktok image

A series of public outrage has erupted among the African American community after a former member of Delta Sigma Theta sparked discussions.

A Howard University senior and a Spelman College alumnus denounced her connections with Spelman College and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., respectively because the sorority rules and oaths go against her Christian values.

Zora Sanders, a student at Howard University, penned a two-page letter denouncing Delta Sigma Theta on her Instagram profile, just a few weeks after joining the sorority.

She stated in the letter, “I am writing this to inform Nationals that I have officially renounced and denied membership in the organization.” 

Her letter focused on specific events from the initiation, the induction ceremony, and even a chapter meeting, highlighting how they contradicted her Christian values and led her to decide not to be a member. 

“I had to make a pledge, swear an oath of allegiance, and perform a ritual ceremony that involved kneeling or bowing at an altar in order to become a member,” the letter stated.

Sanders went on, “I recall the President opening the talk with a few passages from the Psalms. These verses were taken out of context and misunderstood in order to suit a “delta version.”

“These previously mentioned reasons involve idolatry, a sin that costs eternal life,” she said in closing (1 Corinthians 6:9–10). I have to abide by this conviction that the Holy Spirit has given me. Please advise me of the necessary paperwork that has to be filed going forward in order for me to be officially fired from the company. 

Sanders’ message has received a variety of reactions since it went viral. She received praise from some for sticking to her convictions.

“You didn’t do anything improper. One individual commented beneath her post, saying, “You are on the right side. I honor your audacity in the Lord.”

“I was an AKA before, and I came out in 2015! It feels amazing to be free! Many lives will be saved by your obedience,” someone wrote. 

However, another Instagram user warned her that she might face legal repercussions for revealing the sorority’s ritual which she said was supposed to be kept private, and voiced disdain for Sanders making it public.