New Photo Of Jaden Smith And His Girlfriend Causes Stir Online; Fans Crack Jokes Over It (Check It Out)

BY Edwin Lamptey February 20, 2024 5:02 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@c.syresmith

Jaden Smith has shared a photo of himself and his girlfriend, Seb Zara, and his fans have reacted to it by serving their best jokes in the comments section. 

According to reports, Jaden has been dating the model for years now, and they shared a new photo a few days ago. Though the shot looks quite normal after first glance, fans couldn’t help but make some jokes about their appearances.

In the photo, Jaden is seen doing one of his trademark poses, as he stares into space and looks contemplative. A reader opined that he appears to be “pondering over the complexities of existence, with questions such as why are we here, what are the inner machinations of the universe, when I finally shed this corporeal form I will flow through the heavens like stardust.”

Zara was another point of interest to fans as she appeared to have a mysterious look in the image. A fan thought that she looked like a mermaid, and wondered if she was real. Another noted that she appeared as if she was AI-generated. 

Information available suggests that Jaden has been out of the spotlight in recent months, and remained so even throughout the drama between his parents. 

In other news, Jada Pinkett Smith says that her son, Jaden, recommended ayahuasca to her, and it has opened up a whole new world of healing.

In an interview with People, amid the release of her memoir, Worthy, Jada explained that she overheard Jaden and his friends discussing the positive benefits of ayahuasca.

Before using ayahuasca, Jada revealed that she was battling with mental health issues, depression, and thoughts of suicide. According to her, at a point, she began searching for possible places such as cliffs where she could commit the act, as she didn’t want her children to believe that she committed suicide.