Morgan Freeman: Auburn Uni Basketballer Slaps Actor’s Hand At A Game, Feels Sorry After Realizing It Was Freeman

BY JO Mensah February 11, 2024 5:48 PM EDT
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman Photo source: Instagram/@morganfreeman

Auburn University basketball player Johni Broome had an awkward encounter with actor Morgan Freeman during a recent game against Ole Miss.

In a widely circulated video, Broome was captured attempting to swat Freeman’s hand away after the actor grabbed his jersey near the sideline. Broome had just saved a ball from going out of bounds.

Upon turning and realizing it was Freeman, Broome immediately apologized to the surprised Oscar winner.

“Bro heard Mr. Clark voice and straightened up,” one commenter joked, referencing Freeman’s role in “Lean on Me.” The 86-year-old Freeman is a known fan who attends Ole Miss games.

After Auburn’s 91-77 win, Broome reiterated feeling terrible about the incident with his “favorite actor.” Freeman graciously accepted the apologies, telling him, “Just keep playing.”

Mixed reactions to baller’s interaction with Morgan Freeman

Some criticized Broome for apologizing, arguing his initial reaction was reasonable before knowing it was Freeman. But the player insisted he felt bad for reflexively slapping the hand of the renowned actor and Ole Miss supporter.

The viral video surprised many who recently expressed concern over Freeman’s health after appearing frail in December. But the legendary actor seemed in good spirits, despite the awkward courtside interaction with the apologetic Auburn star.

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