Model Ayisha Diaz Calls Out Alexis Sky For Being A Side Chick: “Still Begging To See My Man”

BY Edwin Lamptey November 23, 2023 8:22 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@ayishadiaz, @alexisskyy

Popular model, Ayisha Diaz, has called out Alexis Star and warned her to stay away from her man, reports say.

The former Love and Hip-Hop reality star has been accused of trying to link up with Diaz’s man, a development that hasn’t been without drama. 

In a series of IG Story posts, Ayisha alleges that Sky has been “begging” to see her boyfriend. Both ladies have been linked to a man named WaterByG.

Sky has taken a new approach to life. During an interview with Mind Blowing Magazine earlier this year, she revealed how her time in a recovery house after getting cosmetic surgery changed her life and put her on a path of discovery.

“I felt like I was going crazy. I was at a recovery house because my blood levels kept going up and down so I knew that was God telling me not to get the surgery,” Alexis Sky explained. “But I was just being hard-headed, but there were so many complications going on. At that very moment, I was feeling sick, I was going through the surgery and [God] was just there, he came to me.”

She went on to ask: “I’m like why did I do this? At that point God was there with me, it was just me and God. He was talking to me, ‘You’re about to redirect your whole life.’ He was downloading everything that he wanted me to get rid of, even the people that I needed to get rid of. It hurt because some of the people I didn’t want to get rid of. I had to because they were leading me into destruction. I came back from Columbia a new person, people kinda didn’t even recognize me.”

She concluded by saying, “My journey was about me overcoming depression. I quit drinking hard liquor and I am finding myself. Every day I am getting closer to God. My relationship with God is getting stronger; I am so grateful. I am not looking for anyone’s approval for my personal relationship with God.”