“Miskeen”: Here’s Why Drake Has A New Tattoo And This Is What It Represents

BY Edwin Lamptey November 20, 2023 10:19 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@champagnepapi

Canadian musician, Drake, has added a new tattoo to several others on his body, and this has caused a stir in the entertainment space.

Some of his earlier tattoos have generated backlash over the years, but that did little to stop him from adding a new one. 

Drake’s latest tattoo, which shows love for his hometown, depicts slang from Toronto, the city in which he was born. 

“Miskeen” is originally an Arabic word that translates to “poor, pitiful, or hopeless.” 

Some of Toronto’s natives also use the Arabic word to describe a movement that blends the worlds of fashion, art, and music.

According to Urban Dictionary, the Miskeen Originals brand emerged out of West Philadelphia “out of the struggling hands of a dynamite artist who painted shirts with so much passion that his community could not help but love it.”

Besides becoming a legend in the music industry, Drake has also extended his creative vision to his NOCTA and OVO brands. 

He’s always looking for new ways to share his message with the world, which aligns perfectly with the “Miskeen” movement and how the 6ix God is recognized in the public eye. 

The Scorpion rapper hasn’t yet explained exactly what the word means to him, but his tattoo has generated varied opinions about whether or not he will pen a poignant Instagram message to debut the new addition.

Another public figure, Kai Cenat, earlier this month, also proudly displayed his massive New York-inspired tattoo to his followers, bringing him lots of compliments from fellow natives and art lovers.

Cenat’s tattoo includes to reference to his AMP content house, with “Any Means Possible” across his shoulder blades and the AMP logo on his lower back. However, the rest of the piece is all New York. The Statue of Liberty can be prominently seen, as can a New York subway car. Furthermore, there is a large street sign labeled The Bronx with a pair of Tims hanging from it.

However, the city hasn’t always loved him back. Earlier this year, Cenat was arrested for causing a small riot in Union Square

The incident came about as a result of Cenat announcing an impromptu meetup and giveaway without clearing it with law enforcement or city officials.