Meghan Markle Allegedly Demands Answers From King Charles Over “Different Rules” Set For Her And Prince Harry

BY Dora Abena Dzaka January 7, 2024 5:56 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

An expert on the Royal family, Neil Sean, claims that Meghan Markle is allegedly demanding King Charles’s “answers” regarding why she and Prince Harry are bound by “different” regulations than the other members.

It’s been reported that the Duchess of Sussex is determined to speak with King Charles III about the “different rules” she’s had to deal with since joining the royal family. It is said that she has attempted to arrange a meeting with the monarch to discuss her concerns.

According to the New York Post, Meghan Markle is reportedly demanding answers from King Charles due to regulations she may have considered quite strange as opposed to ones followed by the other members of the royal family.

The duo has come under fire following their shocking documentary Harry & Meghan and the duke’s autobiography, Spare.

Since departing England for California in 2020, many of their royal privileges—including sufficient security—have been taken away from them. 

In a YouTube video, Sean stated, “Meghan Markle wants some answers from His Majesty the King.”

“She wrote him a letter, tried to arrange a meeting with King Charles, and requested a one-on-one to go over all of the issues she’s had since joining the British monarchy.”

The “Suits” star, according to Sean, is “furious” that she and Harry are scrutinized for participating in interviews and public projects, but other royal family members, like Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, face no consequences for doing the same.

“What truly infuriates Meghan is that Fergie frequently appears on ITV daytime programs like This Morning and Loose Women, presenting herself as the Duchess of York and potentially appearing in advertisements under the Royal Family,” Sean added.

Meghan and Harry don’t seem to get why she is subject to a different set of rules while Sarah Ferguson, a fellow Duchess, appears to get away with doing the same things that cause her problems.

Further, Meghan “wants to be queen” and had hoped to do things “her way” when she joined the royal family, claims royal author Tom Bower. But as she soon found out, there was only the “royal way.”

He added that Princess Kate, the wife of Harry’s brother Prince William, seems to be the one getting all the attention and that Meghan has regretted leaving her position as a royal.

Tom Quinn, a royal biographer and expert, stated that Meghan would need to physically reside in England and follow the royal family’s lifestyle to make a comeback. “The mother of two shouldn’t anticipate an apology from the royal family”, he added.