Lady Recounts How Kevin Gates Impersonator Catfished And Scammed Her Having Dated Him Online For Over A Year Without Meeting

BY Abena Dzaka January 27, 2024 5:37 PM EDT

Recently, a woman who claimed to be Kevin Gates’ “number one fan” found that she had been scammed and tricked out of thousands of dollars by an online impersonator taking the rapper’s identity.

A woman by the name of Jerleesa made an appearance on the most recent episode of the web series Catfished. She claimed to be romantically linked with Kevin Gates, a man she claims she has never met in person.

Jerleesa claimed that after buying tickets for a meet-and-greet that the Louisiana native was hosting in Birmingham, Alabama, she received a call from someone she assumed to be Gates.

Although Kevin Gates’s tendency toward shenanigans is not a bad trait, it does negatively affect his fan base. However, a recent YouTube video of the Television program, Catfish was centered on a fan who believed she had spoken to him but was duped out of approximately $6,000. 

In the half-hour documentary, Jerleesa also disclosed that she communicated with the scammer for approximately a year while believing she was in a relationship with the rapper.

She clarified that at first, the phony Gates contacted her on social media and told her he would go to jail if she didn’t give him money.

Jerlessa said, “I’ve probably given him maybe $5K to $6K.” “It sucks but, I figured after a while that’s what it was. It appears that the con artist is from Philadelphia, though it’s unclear if this is the only person with ties to Kevin Gates to have fallen victim to fraud”.

At the time of publication, the Ceremony MC still hadn’t replied to this fiasco on the internet, and it’s not certain if word will get to him quickly enough for him to take meaningful action. Though we’re sure he can relate to Jarleesa’s suffering and may find the heart and means to assist her, it would still be great to see.

It’s still uncertain if the native of Baton Rouge will take a vacation from posting Finese2tymes; “legs in the air” to deal with this as soon as possible. Why should this case be any different from the others, given that he consistently delivers insightful observations?