Katt Williams Claps Back At Ludacris With Scathing Freestyle

BY JO Mensah January 17, 2024 10:13 PM EDT
Ludacris and Katt Williams
Ludacris and Katt Williams Photo source: Instagram/@ludacris, @kattwilliams

The feud between Katt Williams and Ludacris is heating up, as the comedian has fired back at the rapper with his own freestyle diss.

Williams debuted his rap on Suge Knight’s Collect Call podcast on Tuesday, January 16, where he took aim at Ludacris’ career, sexuality, and personal life.

The beef started when Katt Williams appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast earlier this month and accused Ludacris of joining the Illuminati in exchange for his role in the Fast & Furious franchise.

He also insulted Ludacris’ wife, Eudoxie Bridges, calling her a “light-skinned ugly-face wife.”

Ludacris responded with a freestyle over Kanye West’s “Devil In a New Dress” in which he denied being part of any secret society and mocked Williams’ alleged drug addiction.

He rapped: “Never been Illuminati, only Ill-Luda-nati/ And I only left with bitches when coming from any party/ Now I’m married with kids, the evolution of life/ Never been a clout-chaser, never say shit for likes.”

Williams  referenced his viral interview and challenged Ludacris to prove him wrong.

“You heard the interview on ‘Club Shay Shay,’ I gave ’em all a payday/ I’m still going fucking viral so who care what the haters say/ Ludacris, you must be out your rabid ass mind/ You made a rap song but, n-gga, you ain’t say I’m fucking lying,” he rapped.

He also made some shocking allegations about Ludacris’ sexual orientation and his relationship with legendary producer Quincy Jones.

“I’ve never personally been with Quincy Jones, but you/ That was your girl girl, boy boy.”

The freestyle has sparked reactions on social media.