Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, And 6 Other Rappers Who Have Walked Out Of Interviews For Various Reasons

BY Dora Abena Dzaka February 3, 2024 2:51 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook/ Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Cuban Doll

When a rapper agrees to an interview, it’s usually because they want to discuss their work. Interviews are vital in the music business, it gives fans a glimpse into the personal and creative lives of their favorite artistes.

However, interviews can occasionally go too far with intrusive or improper comments and questions and rappers and other celebrities frequently attempt to redirect the subject, but occasionally they end the interview entirely by walking out or hanging up the phone.

We take a look at 8 rappers who have ever walked out of an interview.

Nicki Minaj

On December 14, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia, Nicki Minaj took the stage for iHeartRadio Power 96.1’s Jingle Ball 2023 at State Farm Arena. 

During the interview for the event, the rapper was questioned about the ongoing rivalry between her then-labelmate Drake and partner Meek Mill, the conversation took a negative turn, resulting in Nicki walking out of the interview after expressing his clear annoyance and labeling the interviewer impolite.

Kanye West

Given his antisemitic beliefs, Kanye West has been involved in some scandals. When questioned about his meeting with Donald Trump during an appearance for Tim Pool’s Timcast podcast, Kanye launched into a protracted tirade about how certain powerful individuals wanted to destroy his career. Pool agreed, saying, “They have been extremely unfair.” 

In response, West asked what Pool meant when he said “they,” and he implied that maybe the specifics couldn’t be disclosed live.  Ye then launched into an antisemitic tirade before walking out of the interview just as Pool was trying to give his side of the story.

EST Gee 

The rapper EST Gee, had an interview with Bootleg Kev to promote his album El Toro 2 when Kev asked him about his past as a football player, but the rapper wasn’t very excited about the subject. Then, EST said that he would rather discuss his album.

Kev then mentioned that the rapper had signed with Yo Gotti, effectively disregarding the artiste’s requests. After a while, EST Gee decided he had enough and left the studio.


Blueface left an interview that he was about to grant Funny Marco for his show Open Thoughts. Seconds into the interview, the host asked Blueface “Why can’t you rap on the beat?”.

After taking a few deep breaths, Blueface leaned forward and asked, “Which song do you think I’m off beat?” The West Coast musician requested him to list three of his tracks but the interviewer was unable to mention any. Blueface told the comic that “this f**kin’ interview is over”.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane was scheduled to do a radio interview with iPower 92.1 in 2010, but the interview never happened. Gucci and the host were discussing the Atlanta rapper’s album and getting him ready for their upcoming conversation before he went on television.

But just before they were set to appear, Gucci left the studio when host A-Plus indicated that they would inquire about his relationship with Waka Flocka. 

Cuban Doll 2018

When Cuban Doll decided to grant Adam Grandmaison an interview in his studio, she was mostly interested in talking about her musical career. 

But Adam seemed more eager to get his hands dirty in the drama Cuban appeared to be involved in. The question set her off, so she walked out of the room.

Kodak Black

In 2018, Kodak Black made an appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning to talk about his music. Although the interview kicked off on a positive note, just 15 minutes in, the discussion shifted to his ongoing sexual assault case.

Kodak was uncomfortable about the discussion, especially since it was still a matter being dealt with in court, but Ebro pressed on. The rapper quickly became displeased and walked out of the interview.


Birdman, the co-founder of Cash Money Records, had a brief but passionate interview with The Breakfast Club that went viral. The rapper entered, called for “respect” to be given to his name, and concluded the interview with a diatribe full of profanities.

Although it was anticipated that the interview would last roughly 45 minutes, Birdman had other ideas. In short, he attacked the hosts for roughly ninety seconds before walking out of the interview. The incident became a pivotal point in pop culture and gave rise to a ton of memes.