Kanye West Makes Top 13 Most-Streamed Spotify Artists Without New Music

BY JO Mensah December 6, 2023 10:11 AM EDT
Kanye West
Kanye West Photo source: Instagram/@jesusisking

In a testament to his lasting star power and musical influence, rapper and producer Kanye West reached number 13 of Spotify’s most-streamed artists globally in 2023 despite his struggles.

The feat is even more remarkable for the fact that he did not release any new music within the year.

Not only has the former US presidential aspirant cracked the upper echelon of Spotify’s streaming ranks in 2023, but he’s done it without giving fans any fresh recordings.

Kanye West’s discography always keeps fans engaged

Since his early days with The College Dropout in 2004, Kanye has pushed boundaries with hs sound and kept fans engaged with introspective, conversation-starting albums like “Ye” and the bombastic “Yeezus.”

Kanye’s ability to rank among the world’s top streaming artists this year comes even as most musicians depend heavily on fresh releases to drive streaming numbers. His enduring high-volume streams speak to the appeal of his catalog.

And despite his recent struggles, both longtime Kanye devotees and newly converted fans continued to rapper hits this year – from early smashes to his latest offerings.

Rarely have artists shown such a knack for sustaining relevance and fandom without needing new material. But then again, Kanye has always played by his own rules.

Kanye West’s Daughter North West Trolls Kim Kardashian

Meanwhile, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s first daughter, North West, recently turned up her ‘savage’ side on her mother.

In an episode of the popular reality show ‘The Kardashians,’ North West had a moment of lighthearted humor that left viewers in stitches.

The young and candid North, known for her amusing remarks, took a playful jab at her mother when asked about her mother’s work.