Keke Palmer: Judge Rules On Restraining Order Suit By Actress’ Ex-Boyfriend’s Brother

BY JO Mensah January 25, 2024 11:13 PM EDT
Keke Palmer
Keke Palmer Photo source: @kekepalmer

Sarunas Jackson, the brother of Keke Palmer’s ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson, has failed to obtain a restraining order against the actress and singer.

A judge denied his request for a temporary restraining order last week, citing insufficient evidence of harassment or threat.

Jackson had accused Palmer and her mother, Sharon, of making false allegations of sexual abuse against him and his family.

He claimed that Palmer had used her fame and influence to spread lies about him in the media and damage his reputation. He also Palmer to stop talking about him and his family and to stay away from him at all times.

However, the judge did not find any proof of Palmer’s misconduct or harm to Jackson. The judge also noted that Palmer had a valid reason to seek protection from Darius Jackson, who she alleged had physically abused her during their relationship.

Palmer had obtained a temporary restraining order against Darius in December 2023, which barred him from contacting her and their 11-month-old son, Leo.

Palmer had described several instances of Darius’ violence, including one where he allegedly slapped her head repeatedly in their bedroom in 2022. 

Jackson has not given up on his attempt to get a restraining order against Palmer. He has a court date in February where he can present his case for a permanent restraining order.

Palmer has not commented on Jackson’s allegations or the judge’s decision. She has been focusing on her career and her son, who she recently shared a picture of on her Instagram account.

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