Jonathan Majors Says He’s “Relying On Faith” Following Guilty Verdict In Assault Case

BY Dora Abena Dzaka January 31, 2024 6:38 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Giovanni Zeth Castle Zaccaria

Creed III star, Jonathan Majors fell from grace quite quickly after he faced allegations of domestic abuse about a year ago and was found guilty of assault and harassment at the end of 2023.

The 34-year-old finally spoke up about the verdict at the beginning of 2024, telling ABC News that he was “shocked and afraid” by the jury’s choice.

However, Jonathan Majors seemed hopeful by following his latest run-in with an online news outlet and telling them he is “relying on faith.”

Upon being questioned about his current feelings after some time for the verdict to sink in, the Lovecraft Country star grinned and responded, “God is good.” Later on, he gave credit to “prayer and faith” for keeping him optimistic.

The interviewer brought up the more delicate subject of his acting career, and that quickly ended the discussion. When she inquired about his return, Jonathan Majors said, “That’s enough for now,” turning to go.

Ever since the assault claims became public, Majors was almost put on the blacklist. His management team let him go the first time. Marvel then broke off their relationship with him, and they are currently looking for a new Kang the Conqueror to take his position.

He told the news outlet that it felt “like the world stopped” when discussing this. “You seem to work so hard for everything. After that, it’s finished, you know”.

Subsequently, he was also removed from an unexpected Dennis Rodman biopic and an Otis Redding biopic; also, his movie, Magazine Dreams, has been put on hold indefinitely.

Following the announcement of the guilty verdict, Majors spoke of his close-knit religious community and his intention to “fully clear his name.”

He’s keeping low for the time being with Meagan Good, also known as his “Coretta Scott King” of today.