Jonathan Majors Clarifies Request For Ex-Lover To “Act Like” Coretta King Following Bernice King’s Query

BY Dora Abena Dzaka January 13, 2024 11:08 AM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Giovanni Zeth Castle Zaccaria

Jonathan Majors made an appearance on ABC to talk about his recent misdemeanor harassment and reckless assault convictions.

The 34-year-old entertainer’s domestic conflict with his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, in 2023 led to a trial in New York.

During the trail prosecutors played a tape of Majors telling Jabbari to act more like Coretta Scott King and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

In an interview with Linsey Davis, Majors also made a comparison between Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife and Meagan Good, his current girlfriend. 

Jonathan Majors described Meagan Good to Linsey Davis as “an angel.” “She’s got me like a Coretta,” She’s such a blessing in my life. Though our relationship is still young, I believe I have found her.

However, Bernice King, the daughter of Coretta Scott King, appears to have had enough of the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star bringing up her mother’s name and took her bewilderment to X (formerly Twitter).

She wrote, “My mother wasn’t a prop. Before she met my father, she was a peace activist and played a crucial role in encouraging him to speak out against the Vietnam War. Please comprehend, my mother was a formidable woman”.

Following King’s X post, Jonathan Majors addressed criticism regarding his seeming fixation with Coretta Scott King.

The former Marvel star made an effort to clarify his frequent allusions to the civil rights activist in the wake of criticism and remarks made by her daughter.

Jonathan Majors told TMZ, “My goal was to express my deepest respect for Coretta Scott King, her accomplishments, and her legacy—both her own and that of her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King.

“[Coretta] is a wonderful woman, a significant figure in American and global history, and someone Meagan [Good] and I are inspired by and greatly admire,” he continued.

Majors made his first public statement following his conviction during an interview with ABC News. Majors attempted to justify his desire for his ex-girlfriend to resemble Scott King while denying ever hurting her.

“I was attempting to provide a point of comparison for what I aspire to be, which are these great men—Martin Luther King, Jr., and President Obama. I also say that I need her, Grace in this case, to make the same sacrifices that I have,” Majors added.