Ja Rule And Hitmaka Set To Shake Up Music Space As They Team Up For Studio Session

BY Edwin Lamptey January 24, 2024 5:38 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@hitmaka, @jarule

As news of a new album release trickles down to his fans, Ja Rule has reportedly teamed up with Hitmaka for a studio session. 

The New York MC shared a snippet of their latest work, but it was without sound, leading fans to wonder what style or approach they vibed to in the booth. 

However, Hitmaka’s reputation as a versatile producer has compelled fans to believe that the upcoming album would be one that Ja Rule’s fans would fall in love with. 

Hitmaka was earlier in the news following an alleged beef with King Harris. However, Ja Rule’s reputation as a legend in the game has assuaged fears and led music fans to believe that hits are coming soon. 

During the mid-2000s, when urban beats dictated radio waves, a charismatic, fresh-faced rapper named Yung Berg leaped onto the music scene. He reportedly made quite the entrance with hits like Sexy Lady, affirming that he had the mojo to make heads nod. But, as the unpredictable tides of music fame often reveal, the spotlight isn’t permanent. Yung Berg, sensing the shift, surprised everyone by diving deep into the industry and reemerging as the sensational Hitmaka. 

According to Net Worth Post, Hitmaka isn’t just flaunting his accolades but is currently worth an estimated $2 million. 

Known for his confidence when it comes to his skills and his success, Ja Rule is convinced that it is impossible to compile a list of the top 50 rappers and exclude him from it. 

“I’m not a hater,” he said of Billboard and VIBE‘s Top 50 MCs list, which left him out, during a recent appearance on The Tamron Hall Show.

“Congrats to everyone on the list. [But] these lists, they’re meaningless because music is subjective. You like who you want to like, you know everybody has their favorite artiste… But my thing was: this is a list comprised by Billboard,” he noted.