How Rihanna Got SZA Frustrated By ‘Taking Her Song’ From Her

BY JO Mensah December 9, 2023 12:55 PM EDT
Rihanna Photo source: Instagram/badgalriri

American singer SZA in an interview recalled how her track Consideration originally recorded for her 2017 album Ctrl, was given to Rihanna.

According to SZA, she had not only recorded Consideration but had gone the extra mile by filming a music video for the track, fully gearing up for its release.

However, just days before the big reveal, Rihanna expressed her interest in the song for her own album, Anti. Negotiations unfolded behind the scenes, leaving SZA in the dark about the fate of her cherished creation.

“It was already done,” the Grammy winner revealed. “Whatever the conversation, label-wise, was already done. It was just a matter of accepting.”

For SZA, Consideration held a special place as the centerpiece of her album at the time, making Rihanna’s request a challenging development. She recalled the plea, saying, “And for her, it was just, like, part of her album. And I was like, ‘Please, no.’”

In an unexpected turn of events, the song not only made its way to Rihanna’s Anti but also served as the opening track.

SZA found herself billed as a featured artist, her voice seamlessly blending with Rihanna’s verses. Despite the initial shock and disappointment, SZA acknowledged that the exposure from this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“Now I’m so glad that that happened, and that it didn’t cost me anything,” SZA reflected. “If anything, I gained a bunch from it. And I thank God that I made cool music outside of that.”