Here Are All The Celebs Who Have Unfollowed Diddy Amid His Assault And Lawsuit Woes

BY Dora Abena Dzaka May 29, 2024 8:38 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @LeBron James, @Steph Curry and @Meek Mills

The most recent event in Sean “Diddy” Combs’ continued downward spiral, amidst all of his problems, was the breaking CNN story on Friday, May 17 which saw the public release of video footage from 2016 showing the rapper hitting his girlfriend Cassie Ventura.

The video, which supported the allegations in her November 2023 lawsuit, was spot-on for many celebs, who are now publicly distancing themselves from the billionaire by unfollowing him on social media. 

Instagram has been a popular platform for celebrities to share their opinions, and Diddy has mostly used it to share updates since the case was filed last year. 

He initially broke his silence on Instagram, claiming his accusers were merely seeking a “payday” and pleading his innocence.

But once the video was made public, he later uploaded an apology video in which he said he was “disgusted then” and “disgusted now.”

Even though most of the time he would have lost followers, the rapper still has an incredible 19.9 million Instagram followers.

In addition to longtime friends like Kim Kardashian and his most recent love companion, Yung Miami, this group includes celebrities like LeBron James, Kevin Hart, Joe Budden, Patrick Mahomes, Steph Curry, and many more who have decided to publicly dissociate themselves from the rap mogul.

This article, which uses Vibe as a source, compiles a list of celebrities who have unfollowed Diddy since his troubles began.

Patrick Mahomes

While some famous people waited until after the release of the hotel assault footage, Patrick Mahomes was one of the few who unfollowed Diddy without waiting for the video.

The Chiefs of Kansas City went a step farther and removed a few old tweets mentioning his stage moniker, “P Diddy.” 

LeBron James

LeBron James has been spotted dancing to Diddy’s songs and partying at luxurious Hollywood parties throughout the years.

The basketball player, however, has chosen to stick with his avoidance of off-court criticism, as evidenced by his decision to unfollow Diddy on Instagram a week after the video was made public.

LeBron may have felt more pressure to distance himself after seeing an old video in which he praised Diddy for his renowned parties.

Floyd Mayweather

Many decided to remain silent in the wake of the numerous lawsuits alleging sexual assault in November 2023, but Floyd Mayweather wasn’t scared to openly show his support for him.

During his appearance on The Pivot Podcast on February 20, the former boxer went on to say in the interview that even if something like that happened to his own daughter, “I would be hurt, because that’s the choice that my daughter made.”.

But the world champion appears to have had a change of heart because he no longer follows Diddy on social media. 

Steph Curry

Steph Curry is rumored to be a hip-hop enthusiast and to have had his name cited in several rap lyrics. 

But now that he has unfollowed Diddy on social media, it appears that he’s beginning to separate himself from one of the biggest stars in the genre.

Kim Kardashian

Even though Diddy and the co-founder of Skims are both members of the upper class of Hollywood, they have long been in the same social circles.

Fans, however, observed that just before Diddy’s homes were raided in March, the reality TV star also unfollowed Diddy on Instagram.

Yung Miami

Given that she has been romantically associated with the music producer since June 2022, “The City Girl” is the most surprising celebrity to unfollow Diddy.

Yung Miami has been silent on the matter, although many people have been curious about her position during the entire ordeal.

Following the news of her reportedly “transporting pink cocaine” for the mogul, Miami’s name was also referenced in numerous publications.

That being said, many were stunned to see the artist formerly unfollow her ex-boyfriend on Instagram. 

Meek Mill

Diddy and Meek Mill have long been acquaintances.

Additionally, when news of an alleged sexual liaison with the mogul broke, his name was cited in a lawsuit accusing Diddy of sexual assault.

Diddy’s former producer Rodney Jones stated that Diddy had informed him he had sex with “a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj.”

Additionally, Meek stated in a tweet that he “don’t believe no Diddy story” as “they lied” earlier.

However, the Dreamchasers seem to have changed their attitude and unfollowed the rapper following the release of the 2016 hotel video.