Four Women Who Spoke About Diddy’s Abusive Nature Before Cassie’s Explosive Lawsuit

BY Nii Ogbamey Tetteh November 21, 2023 3:50 PM EDT
Source: Instagram.com/@kimoraleesimmons @ginavhuynh @diddy

It appears the troubles of rapper and business mogul Diddy are far from over, as there happens to be a trail of alleged abuses he metered out to his previous girlfriends.

This comes after his ex-girlfriend Cassandra Ventura, famed as Cassie, filed a lawsuit against him for consistently abusing her since they met in 2005. Cassie added that the renowned rapper was constantly plying her with drugs, and forcing her to have sex with numerous male prostitutes while he recorded.

However, there are several accounts by other ladies who, have in the past, also spoken about Diddy’s attitude and abuses.

Below are some women who have come forward about their abuses against Diddy;

Cindy Rueda

In 2017, Diddy’s former cook, Cindy Rueda, filed a sexual harassment and hostile work environment complaint, stating that she was often given and prepared meals for Combs and his guests while they were engaged in sexual activities or soon thereafter.

Cindy alleged that sometimes she would walk in and find Combs naked; “[he] made comments about his body” and asked Rueda if “she was attracted to or liked his naked body.”

The lawsuit was resolved in 2019, but no financial specifics were disclosed.

Gina Huynh

In October 2018, rumors circulated that Diddy was dating model, Gina Huynh. In July 2019, the couple was photographed on a date.

Diddy and Gina’s love life took a turn for the worse. Gina said in a June 2019 interview with Tasha K that Diddy physically mistreated her and paid her $50,000 to terminate her pregnancy not once, but twice. The model told controversial blogger Tasha K that Diddy allegedly stomped on her stomach and repeatedly punched her in the head during one disturbing encounter.

Kimora Lee Simmons

In 2004, former model and fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons stated in an interview with New York Magazine that Diddy threatened to hit her. She recounted, “And I was pregnant! The moron!” said Simmons, who then noted that Combs got on his knees in public to apologize later.

Aubrey O’Day

In 2022, former Danity Kane member and Making the Band star, Aubrey O’Day, suggested that she was sacked from the band because she did not respond to Diddy’s sexual approaches.

“I wasn’t willing to do what was expected of me, not talent-wise, but in other areas,” she said during the interview.

In a 2019 interview with Variety, O’Day cited the stress of working with Combs and the misogyny she faced in the female group as reasons for her continued criticism of Diddy.

In response to Cassie’s allegations, O’Day took to her Instagram story posting, “Been trying to tell y’all for years. Prayers up for this queen, 🙌🏼 @cassie.”