Fela Kuti: Idris Elba’s Curates a 6 Box Set Series of Afrobeat Pioneer

BY Dora Abena Dzaka November 2, 2023 5:16 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Fela Kuti

Award-winning actor, Idris Elba, has curated a six-box set series of the godfather of the Afrobeat genre, Fela Kuti.

The body of work is a compilation featuring the albums “Open & Close” (1972), “Music of Many Colors” (1980), “Stalemate” (1977), “I Go Shout Plenty!!!” (1977), “Live in Amsterdam” (1983), and “Opposite People” (1977).

As a proud African, Idris Elba has never held back when sharing the African narrative wherever he gets the chance.

Idris stated in a Forbes Africa article that he is “proud to be African”, and even though he was teased growing up to be of African descent, “it is cool to actually be African these days.”

In a new World Gold Council documentary titled “GOLD: A Journey with Idris Elba,” the celebrated actor plays the role of both explorer and narrator, leading viewers on a multi-continental journey.

Elba’s journey is both fascinating and educational, covering topics such as exploring the ethics of mining in South Africa, tracking his ancestry in Ghana, and conquering his claustrophobia in the depths of Canadian mineshafts.

It is, therefore, no surprise that in the realm of Afrobeat, Idris Elba, also known as Big Driis, an actor, producer, DJ, rapper, and singer, has taken on the role of curating six box set series for a musical legend’s (Fela Kuti) eternal heritage.

With a limited production run of 5,000 pieces, this incredible collection authentically replicates the album artwork from the original vinyl pressings, complete with vintage vinyl label designs.

Added to the package is a 24-page booklet featuring lyrics and insightful reviews of each album written by renowned Afrobeat historian, Chris May. The booklet also features a foreword by Idris Elba and some never-before-seen images. Each set includes a special 16 x 24-inch poster made by Lemi Ghariokwu, the creator of several of Fela’s renowned record covers.BOX SET #6 is available for pre-order now on but it’s Out on 1st of December