Eminem Hints Of New Music And Possible Joint Album With 50 Cent

BY JO Mensah February 3, 2024 8:11 PM EDT
Eminem Photo source: Instagram/@eminem

Eminem and 50 Cent are among the most sought-after rappers on the American music scene. A collaboration between them is always expected to be a blast.

An influential rapper in his own right, he has hinted that there is new music in the works, adding that he is open to making an album with 50 Cent.

50 Cent has been a friend and longtime collaborator of Eminem, and the latter still reveres their combination.

In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Eminem, who released his last studio album, his 11th album, Music To Be Murdered, in January 2020, teased:

“I’m working on a little something.”

Whoo Kid, who has been a frequent DJ for both Eminem and 50 Cent, then asked Slim Shady about a potential collaborative album with the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ star, to which the Shady Records boss replied:

“I don’t know where that’s come from but it’s crazy.”

Slim Shady and 50 Cent have a long history of working together, dating back to 2002 when he signed 50 to his label and executive produced his debut album.

The duo have since appeared on numerous songs together, such as Patiently Waiting, Crack a Bottle, and You Don’t Know.

Eminem also revealed he’s been trying to get his “patiently waiting” rhyming partner to put together a new album:

“I’m trying to get him to make a new album so bad. We need another 50 album like really bad. 50’s on a roll right now. He’s been on a roll since the tour. “I told him whatever the fuck he needs from me, I’m here. That shit’d be crazy, though — an album with me and him.”

Eminem named as a character in video game fortnite

Meanwhile, Eminem recently made his debut in the popular video game Fortnite.

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has confirmed that Eminem will be a playable character in the game’s upcoming Big Bang event 123. The event is expected to be a grand finale to the OG chapter of Fortnite.

The news of Eminem’s inclusion in Fortnite has been met with excitement from fans of both the rapper and the game.