Diddy’s Son King Combs Comes Under Fire; Denies Gang Affiliations Following Controversial ‘Shoutout’

BY Dora Abena Dzaka December 5, 2023 3:56 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @King Combs

In the wake of recent controversy surrounding allegations of gang affiliation, hip-hop artist King Combs has taken to social media to deny and address the rumors and set the record straight.

The son of Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and the late model Kim Porter has denied that he’s affiliated with any gangs after coming under fire for giving a shout-out to GDK.

The controversy erupted after a video in which King seems to be announcing that he was a gang member was circulating online and was filmed by a woman, whom she called “baby,” as she thanked him for a sweet thing he had done for her.

Appearing briefly in the clip, he said to the camera, “GDK,” which seemed to be a reference to Gangster Disciples Killer.

The post attracted a lot of attention; some fans expressed confusion, while others kept analyzing the situation in question and expressed surprise at the alleged association with GDK (Gangster Disciple Killer).

Among them was King Yella, who confronted King by saying, “You don’t come from none of that or the streets. You weren’t homeless; you were famous from birth… originated from a wealthy father who is battling numerous sexual accusations and other bizarre issues. Would you like to come discuss GDK with me? Dude, don’t let those GDs get to you, silly.”

However, King Combs’ adamant denial serves as a reminder of the difficulties celebrities encounter in managing their public persona at a time when musicians are investigated not only for their musical choices but also for their associations. 

King Combs wasted no time in confronting the accusations on his social media. On Monday, December 4, King, born Christian Combs, made use of his Instagram Story to set things straight. 

“I ain’t affiliated with any gangs, and I’m not a gang member!” he wrote.

King Combs, who is well-known for his musical abilities and his family’s musical heritage, has never let controversy distract him from his career.

But the new accusations made him confront the matter head-on and reaffirm his dedication to his work and lack of gang affiliation.