No Diddy: Rapper Misses 17-Year Old Daughter Chance Combs’ Graduation Amid Legal Troubles

BY JO Mensah June 8, 2024 3:09 PM EDT
Diddy's daughter Chance graduates high school
Diddy's daughter Chance graduated from high school Photo source: Instagram/@myfancychance

Music mogul Sean Combs a.k.a. Diddy reportedly skipped his daughter Chance Comb’s high school graduation last week amid his legal issues.

Reports went viral that Chance’s graduation from Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, was going on without the famous father’s presence.

True to the reports, Chance, born in 2006 to Diddy and Sarah Chapman, marked the end of her high school journey with the father absent. His legal issues, which have kept him out of the public eye recently, are said to be the reason behind his absence.

While no official statement has been made, it’s speculated that the ongoing allegations against Diddy have influenced this decision.

Photos shared by Chance on Instagram also seemed to confirm Diddy’s absence. She shared images with her siblings, friends, and other family members.

Diddy’s lawsuits and allegations

Diddy has been under scrutiny for more than six months following sexual assault suits filed by his former partner, Cassie, and many others.

The allegations have been brought to light following a comprehensive six-month investigation by Rolling Stone. The report revealed alleged violence and sexual harassment that dates back to Diddy’s days at Howard University.

The report draws on accounts from over fifty individuals linked to the rapper, depicting his troubling past behavior.

Among the allegations are claims of physical altercations, including an incident where Diddy is said to have assaulted a woman with a belt. Another serious accusation involves Shakir Stewart, reportedly attacked by Diddy at a wedding in Italy in 2000. This altercation is said to have left Stewart injured and bleeding.

The Def Jam executive’s tragic suicide in 2008 and the death of Kim Porter, mother of three of his children, in 2018, add a somber note.

Further claims detail an attack on a woman at the Bad Boy Records office in 1994, which allegedly led to employees intervening.

Additionally, a former graphic designer for the label has accused Diddy of sexual harassment at a party in 2001. The event celebrated his acquittal in a nightclub shooting case.