Diddy: Ex Bad Boy Prez Harve Pierre Reacts To Latest Sexual Assault Lawsuit

BY JO Mensah December 9, 2023 5:47 PM EDT
Diddy Photo source: Instagram/@diddy

Former Bad Boy Records President Harve Pierre spoken on the recent sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy and himself.

Pierre vehemently denied the shocking gang rape allegations brought against them by an anonymous accuser.

As earlier reported by Afrobeats+, the explosive lawsuit alleges Pierre enticed a 17-year-old girl to join him on a private jet to meet Diddy in 2003.

During their time together, their accuser claims both men raped her. Pierre is accused of smoking crack cocaine while the assault occurred.

Diddy’s former label boss denies allegations

However, Pierre has slammed what he calls “disgusting allegations” that are “a desperate attempt for financial gain.”

“I have never participated in, witnessed, nor heard of anything like this,” TMZ quoted him to have added.

Pierre further stated that “those who know me recognize these claims are not true” and vowed to “vigorously protect my reputation and defend my name” against the graphic accusations targeting his conduct.

Diddy had been hit with three such lawsuits before now. It all with Cassie’s suit which was withdrawn after an out-of-court settlement. The third suit was alleging an assault which happened over 30 years ago.

Diddy’s former bodyguard supports Cassie’s claims

Meanwhile, a former Diddy bodyguard, Roger Bonds, claimed that Cassie’s allegations were true. He emphasizing that his message should not be misconstrued as a “threat” or “snitching” against either anybody.

He made it clear that he witnessed such incidents during his tenure as the rapper’s bodyguard and was compelled to speak out in light of recent events, particularly for the well-being of his own children.