Davido Invests In New US Social Media Platform ‘Chatter’

BY Nii Ogbamey Tetteh February 19, 2024 7:36 PM EDT
Davido Photo source: Instagram/@davido

Delving into businesses beyond music, Mega Star Davido announced over the weekend that he had invested in a new social media platform called ‘Chatter’ in the United States.

He did not disclose the amount pushed into setting up the platform, which aims to provide users with an enhanced audio-visual experience.

The platform is said to be “founded on inclusivity & free speech, with unmatched creator tools & monetization,” and to have over 3,000 creators.

The singer has asked his followers to sign onto the platform, but it appears a lot more users are waiting for products and services on the platform to be fully rolled out. 

“I invested in a new platform! LETS GOOO, All creators sign up below! @chatter_us ! Chatter, a new era in timeless social-audio visual experiences, with @Davido as part owner!” Davido wrote on his X (Twitter) handle on Saturday, February 17, 2024.

Davido is currently on an extended version of his Timeless Tou, with performances scheduled for April 17, 2024, at Madison Square Garden, New York. Place Bell in Canada and Addition Financial Arena in Olando, Florida, have also been booked for April 19th and April 24th, 2024, respectively.

Sometime last week, the hitmaker said he was planning an upcoming extended play with Kizz Daniel, having collaborated with his Nigerian brother on many occasions.

But Davido’s followers were somewhat disturbed when a recent online video captured the moment one of his aides punched a fan for attempting to take a photo with the singer.

The video which circulated about a week ago, showed Davido strolling with his entourage of assistants and bouncers when the fan bumped into them to take a picture with him.

The young man shouted Davido’s name while trying to get him to appear in a video he was filming on his phone. After the fan was pushed away the first time, he persisted and tried to approach Davido more closely the second time, but was knocked out of the frame with a hard punch by one of the personnel close to the singer.