“Christmas Party for Two”: Watch Brandy’s Music Video Made Just For Lovers

BY Dora Abena Dzaka December 11, 2023 7:58 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @ Brandy

The official music video for Brandy’s holiday single, “Christmas Party for Two,” has been released. This holiday season, The Boy Is Mine singer is encouraging all lovers to rediscover their love with the seductive music video for her song.

This record introduces her debut holiday LP, Christmas With Brandy, and here’s a little excerpt from the song: “Slowly unwrap me; you can have me. Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet. Try to keep this silent like that. Thinkin. While everyone is sleepin’, we can get it in for the evening. The two of us fell back in love this Christmas. Help me undress. Oh, yes, I’ll be your present. Just give me your presence. That’s all that I’m asking of you.”

The captivating video, which was directed by Frank Gatson and Sikora, may not have the typical holiday hues, but the black-and-white setting and the passion between Brandy and her partner make for a striking visual.

The scene is set in a gorgeous house. It centers on vivacious Brandy, who receives an expected visit from a dapper suitor.

One of the three flavors of Stella Rosa® Brandy that the R&B icon happened to be a brand ambassador for, Smooth Black, is shared by Brandy and her friend as they laugh. However, in other video shots, the Grammy winner is the only subject focused on as she looks directly into the camera.

Brandy “Christmas Party for Two,” Official Music Video

The video perfectly captures the essence of the ballad, which is a romantic Christmas celebration for two, whether the two were cozying up by the fireplace, dancing passionately in the kitchen while sipping Stella Rosa, or engaging in mistletoe activities.

By coincidence, Brandy’s favorite song on the album is “Christmas Party for Two.”

Information indicates that the singer stated, “I can listen to it over and over. And I said it humbly, even if I wasn’t singing. I would adore the song if it belonged to someone else. I adore it to that extent.”

“It’s just so good—the melody and vibe combined. That song immediately spoke to me, which is why I’m so grateful that they gave it to me. I also don’t even have a partner. Do you understand what I mean? I, really, really love that record, and I’m by myself,” she jokingly said.