Check Out D.L. Hughley’s Response As Mo’Nique Reignites Beef With Him On ‘’Club Shay Shay’’

BY Dora Abena Dzaka February 9, 2024 10:39 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Eddy Parker and Mo'Nique SAG Awards (cropped).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

During her sit-down interview on Club Shay Shay, Mo’Nique revealed to her fans that she and D.L. Hughley beef dated way back.

The year 2024 began with some of the most explosive guests on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast.

A few days into the year, Shannon hosted comedian Katt Williams, who revealed shocking information about Earthquake, Kevin Hart, Faizon Love, and The Kings of Comedy. This week’s episode, which aired on Wednesday, features Academy Award winner Mo’Nique.

Monique took jabs at Oprah Winfrey, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, and D.L. Hughley in the episode. The Precious movie actress gave an explanation of the start of her conflict with the radio host in the podcast, which intensified after the Oscar winner made fun of Hughley.

Mo’Nique stated in the interview that her conflict with Hughley started with a segment on his radio show where, in her absence, his co-hosts asked her to play “Would You Rather” and asked intimate questions concerning her husband.

According to Mo’Nique, she and D.L. Hughley will never be cool until he takes accountability for the foul things he said to her, including greenlighting a game on his radio show with his staff.

Until D.L. Hughley accepts responsibility for the offensive things he said to her, including approving a game on his radio show with his staff, Mo’Nique claims that she and him will never get along.

Mo’Nique said she was asked if she would rather her husband, Sidney Hicks, have protected sex with “Precious” director Lee Daniels or unprotected sex with video vixen Karrine Steffans.

Mo’Nique went on to say that Jasmine, his co-host, asked her to pay him a visit during one of their “Would You Rather” sessions. The Baltimore native wanted to talk to Hughley, whom she then referred to as her comedy “brother,” because she was so enraged by the question.

“Listen, I just got off the phone with your team,” she said to Hughley. “And they wanted to play this game, ‘Would You Rather?’ and it was stupid.”

She countered, “Well, how does that uplift our community?” before asking, “I don’t know what y’all are trying to insinuate, but brother, what are you doing?”

In response, D.L. Hughley claimed that Mo’Nique is a “liar.”

In a video uploaded to Instagram, D.L. Hughley said, “Every time I see Mo’Nique these days, she’s doing some greasy ass video with her and her dad complaining about something or working out.”

According to D.L. Hughley, Mo’Nique called him to express her displeasure with the segment, but Hughley didn’t agree with her story.

Hughley said in the video, “She said I was very dismissive.” ” Monique lies a lot. I heard Mo’Nique’s complaints when she eventually called me. After hearing her out, I took the part. So, that segment would have aired if I had been as dismissive as she claims. I honored her wishes, so it didn’t. She lies.

Hughley discussed his recent falling out with Mo’Nique later in the video. It started as a disagreement over a contract but got worse when she chastised him for how he handled his daughter’s sexual assault accusation.

Hughley went on, “This broad even brought out my daughter’s personal trauma. Monique came clean and revealed to the world that I permitted my daughter to be sexually assaulted in front of me after she was molested. The muthafucka who lies”.

According to Hughley, Mo “knows she was lying,” and he only stopped when his relatives “checked her.”