Chandler Jones Says Jhené Aiko Is His “Spiritual Wife”; Here’s Why

BY Dora Abena Dzaka January 31, 2024 5:45 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook/@Jhenè Aiko, @Chandler Jones

Chandler Jones, a former outside defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals, disclosed that he had singer Jhené Aiko’s name permanently inked on his bicep. 

The athlete discussed Aiko and his tattoos on the Jaxxon Podcast where he introduced the Sativa singer as his “spiritual wife”. The former NFL player claimed that even though they have never met, they have a strong bond.

During the interview with presenters Rampage Jackson and Bear Degidio, Jones talked about mental health and his ongoing tribute to the Eternal Sunshine crooner.

Jones said, “Every girl that I talk to, every girl that knows me, they all want to get married,” in response to the host’s suggestion that he date “a famous chick.”

“However, I always advise them to ‘slide’ because if Jhené Aiko is ever available. If Jhené Aiko’s ever free,” Jones reiterated.

Then he called her “my milk of magnesia” and started singing along to her song Higher. In addition, Jones stated that he had no disrespect towards Aiko’s boyfriend and the father of her son, rapper Big Sean. He remarked, calling himself “Little Sean” but added, “Big Sean, yeah, I don’t want to DM her.”

“That’s his lady,” Chandler Jones continued. I don’t want to offend him, but I adore her,” he said, giving Sean a month to pop the question or he would be sending her direct messages.

“Before exposing his tattoo of Aiko’s name, he stated, “Let me show you something. She got my entire arm. Her entire name is Efuru Chilombo, Jhené Aiko. That is my spiritual wife”.

Although he has never met the mother of two, Chandler Jones acknowledged that he admires her easy ability to create a “calm frequency.”

“Even her music isn’t what it is. She’s not someone I’ve met. I never ever spoke to this woman, yet every time I think of her or listen to her music, I feel at ease,” Jones added.