Burna Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend Stefflon Don Clashes With Jada Kingdom

BY JO Mensah January 10, 2024 10:22 PM EDT
Burna Boy
Burna Boy Photo source: Instagram/@burnaboygram

Nigerian superstar and Grammy winner, Burna Boy has found himself in the middle of a musical feud between his ex-girlfriend, Stefflon Don, and his rumored fling, Jada Kingdom.

The two female artists have released new songs that seem to target each other over their alleged involvement with Burna Boy.

Stefflon Don, the British rapper and singer, who dated Burna Boy for over a year, dropped a new song titled “Dat A Dat” earlier this week.

In the song, she accuses an unnamed woman of sleeping with her partner, and warns her to stay away from him. She also brags about her wealth, beauty, and success, and claims that she is not bothered by the affair.

However, many fans and critics have speculated that the woman Stefflon Don is referring to is Jada Kingdom, the Jamaican singer and songwriter, who has been linked to Burna Boy in recent months.

Burna Boy himself hinted at his attraction to Jada Kingdom on Byron Messia’s “Taliban (Remix)”, where he rapped about buying her a Birkin bag, a luxury handbag that costs thousands of dollars.

Jada Kingdom, who initially denied having any romantic relationship with Burna Boy, responded to Stefflon Don’s song with a series of comments on social media.

She mocked Stefflon Don for being insecure and bitter, and said that she was not interested in Burna Boy. She also released a new song titled “Green Dreams”, where she sings about being happy and unbothered by the drama. She also calls the beef “weird”, and says that she has no time for negativity.