Burna Boy Turns Down $5M Dubai Deal Because Of ‘Weed’

BY JO Mensah November 2, 2023 9:25 PM EDT
Burna Boy
Burna Boy Photo source: Instagram/@burnaboygram

Nigerian musician Burna Boy has disclosed that he turned down a whopping $5 million offer to perform in Dubai. The reason for his decision? The UAE’s strict stance against smoking.The news of Burna Boy’s refusal to perform in Dubai due to the country’s stringent anti-smoking regulations has set social media abuzz with various reactions.Burna Boy made this revelation during a recent interview, where he was asked about some of the most substantial offers he had turned down in his career. He mentioned the Dubai gig, explaining that he was a passionate smoker, and performing in a place where smoking is highly restricted went against his principles.The United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, enforces stringent laws against smoking in public places. Smoking is prohibited in many indoor areas, public transportation, and even in certain outdoor spaces. These regulations aim to create a healthier and cleaner environment for residents and visitors.Burna Boy’s decision to prioritize his love for smoking over a massive payday has sparked mixed reactions on social media. Many fans and supporters have applauded him for standing by his principles and not compromising his values for money. They see his choice as an act of authenticity and staying true to his beliefs.On the other hand, some have criticized Burna Boy for turning down such a significant offer, arguing that it could have been an opportunity to further elevate his career and expand his global reach. Others believe that he could have found ways to comply with the UAE’s smoking restrictions during his visit.