BLACKPINK Members Part Ways With YG Entertainment For Solo Projects

BY JO Mensah January 2, 2024 10:43 PM EDT

The popular K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has made a surprising move by splitting with their agency YG Entertainment for their individual activities. The four members Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa will continue to work as a group under YG, but will pursue their solo careers independently.

On Friday (Dec. 29), YG issued a statement announcing the decision. “YG recently signed an extension contract for BLACKPINK’s group activities and agreed not to proceed with a separate additional contract for individual activities,” read a translated statement provided to Billboard by representatives for YG Entertainment.

The statement also explained that the decision was made after a long and careful discussion between the agency and the members, who expressed their desire to explore their own musical styles and directions. YG said that it respects and supports the members’ wishes and hopes that the fans will continue to show their love and support for BLACKPINK and their solo endeavors.

BLACKPINK is one of the most successful and influential K-pop groups in the world, with a global fanbase and numerous accolades. The group debuted in 2016 with their single Square One, which featured the hit songs Whistle and Boombayah. Since then, they have released several chart-topping songs, such as Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, Kill This Love, How You Like That, and Ice Cream (feat. Selena Gomez).

The members have also been active in their solo projects, showcasing their individual talents and charms. Jennie was the first to debut as a solo artist in 2018 with her song Solo, which topped the charts in Korea and became the most-viewed music video by a Korean female soloist on YouTube.