Beyonce Shocks The World As She Reveals She Suffers From Psoriasis

BY Edwin Lamptey February 19, 2024 9:10 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@beyonce

Beyonce, in a recent interview, opened up about her hair journey and her battle with Psoriasis

While speaking with Essence magazine for the cover story of their March/April edition and to promote her haircare line, Cécred, Queen B shared “beautiful memories” attached to her hair. 

Beyonce noted that “the relationship we have with our hair is such a deeply personal journey. From spending my childhood in my mother’s salon to my father applying oil on my scalp to treat my psoriasis— these moments have been sacred to me.” 

The music icon also noted the importance of barbershops and hair salons, saying that the conversations and debates in such places tend to create a sense of community for those who look forward to it as a retreat from their everyday lives. 

For such people, she went on, it is both a place to feel beautiful as well as vent, laugh, share secrets and pass down wisdom.

In her opinion, such places serve as a consistent community gathering for a substantial number of people, and as such, they serve as an important sanctuary for them. 

Shedding light on how she came up with the name of her brand, Beyonce explained that she drew inspiration from her previous experiences with her hair.

“So I took the end of my name, Cé, and made it the beginning of the word sacred to create Cécred,” she said. “From my mother’s salon, daily rituals with my father, and years of experience in developing a hair care line, the journey has been just that: Cécred.”

In the year 2013, Beyonce reportedly decided to chop her hair into a pixie cut, and reflecting on that decision, revealed that she loves how certain hairstyles are associated with specific moments in our lives.

According to her, she simply decided to cut all of her hair off without having a particular style in mind. She went on to say that it was both an aesthetic choice and a huge emotional moment for her.