Benzino Admits Eminem Belongs in Hip Hop After Drunken Rant On Drink Champs

BY JO Mensah February 20, 2024 12:23 PM EDT
Eminem and Benzino
Eminem and Benzino Photo source: Instagram/@eminem, @benzinoislegendary

Hip Hop mogul and media personality Benzino seems to have made a U-turn on his thoughts about his colleague rapper, Eminem.

In what could be described as a momentary change of heart regarding his long-standing feud with Eminem, declaring that there is indeed a place in rap for the Detroit legend.

In an emotional episode of Drink Champs, Benzino started the episode by reaffirming his past disdain for Eminem, confidently stating that he had won their most recent battle. He questioned why the Detroit MC had not responded to his latest diss, implying a victory on his part.

However, as the episode progressed, a visibly intoxicated Benzino looked emotional due to the effects of the alcohol. He began to reflect on how his beef with Marshall Mathers, Eminem’s real name, had escalated so rapidly and intensely.

Benzino also addressed rumors that he harbors a particular dislike for white people. While he did not explicitly confirm or deny, his reflections suggested a deeper, more nuanced perspective on race and the music industry.

In a touching conclusion to the conversation, Benzino made an appeal to rap fans everywhere. He expressed hope for unity within the rap community and an end to the beefs that often divide it.

Eminem named as character in video game Fortnite

Meanwhile, Eminem recently made his debut in the popular video game Fortnite.

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has confirmed that Eminem will be a playable character in the game’s upcoming Big Bang event 123. The event is expected to be a grand finale to the OG chapter of Fortnite.

The news of Eminem’s inclusion in Fortnite has been met with excitement from fans of both the rapper and the game.